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Graffiti Web Solutions believes that the freedom to choose the modus operandi for high task performance, and the responsibility thereof, go together for its constituents. This freedom enhances the competencies and capabilities of its employees while learning through performance of task. The positive strengths of the individuals are also assessed and nurtured prior to the assignments. The orientation process enables the employees to learn the prerequisites of task performance. This enhances the job satisfaction and motivates to deliver the best of the performance.

Graffiti Web Solutions has long relationship with many of its employees and now many are stationed to look after responsible managerial assignments due to their long tenure of experience of our businesses. This is one of the reasons for our growth, as evident now. our main assets are its employees. Graffiti Web Solutions has assigned the distinct responsibilities with required authority to its employees, along with freedom for decision making within the given parameters of values and culture.

Graffiti Web Solutions has also evolved the policies benefiting its employees. Given below is a gist of the elaborate policies operative at Graffiti Web Solutions.

Nomination of employees in various educational programmes.

Reimbursement of fees for attending Seminars and Workshops.

Fellowship support to the children of employees.

Job Orientation, Training & Development.

Orientation and induction programmes.

Skill Development Workshops.

Behavioral and Motivational, Developmental and Technical training.

Job rotation and enrichment.

Formation of policies based on in-house HR audit

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